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Berkeley VR Forum

Cal's VR Speaker Event | 2018

2017 Speakers & Sponsors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Berkeley VR Forum?

Berkeley VR Forum is a speaker event that aims to bring together the brightest minds from Berkeley, Stanford and many other bay area schools. The goal is to create new ideas and at the same time give students an immersive experience and education about Virtual Reality. This is a wonderful opportunity for attendees to meet with other VR engineers, companies, and learn about front-end VR software and hardware technology by interacting with leaders in the industry.


Our mission is to give participants an immersive experience with virtual reality and at the same time help shape the future of virtual reality by providing the stage for talented student developers to create and innovate.

Who can attend?

Berkeley VR Forum is open to contestants of all levels. Whether you're a student, a past graduate, or just looking to learn more about VR, all are welcome.

When is the event?

Some day in late April (still TBD)

How much will this cost?

Admission is free for all applicants!

What if I have an unanswered question?

For more questions please email